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Introducing Freddie Jacobs, the Founder of Only Pay What It Weighs.

“My first experience working in the waste disposal industry was when I was just 16 years old, helping my dad with clearing rubbish, to get some work experience.

“I remember seeing fly-tipped rubbish on our streets, within our community. I was confused and angry. While my dad did his bit, not enough was not being done to eliminate the non-compliant businesses causing the mess who were paid to clear rubbish, but then dumped it anywhere they wanted. That is still going on, and it has to stop.

“Then there are the issues of value for money, and transparency. The prices the public have been paying have been based on guesstimates, and approximate yards and volumes of loads. Unless we have certified weighing scales or superpowers, how are we supposed to know how much a rubbish load weighs, or how much volume of waste we have had removed, to the exact yard?

“Waste disposal should work transparently and responsibly! When it comes to disposing of our rubbish, all waste must be taken care of by a licensed waste carrier. It should be then transferred to an environmental agency registered recycling centre.

“Our waste vehicles, once loaded with your rubbish, will be weighed on a calibrated, certified legal for trade weighbridge, where a first weight will be recorded. Then, once the waste carrier has finished unloading the rubbish, the vehicle will then drive back onto the weighbridge, where a second weight will be recorded. The carrier will then receive a receipt showing the net weight loss. The carrier will only pay what their rubbish weighs, per kilogram.

“We are the UK’s first fully certified onboard weighed, mobile waste disposal service.”


“Only Pay What It Weighs”

A mobile, certified legal for trade, onboard weighing service, where the public, pays the same rates as we pay, for their rubbish load, at their local commercial recycling centre, per kilogramme.

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