Rubbish Removal Prices London

All our rubbish removal prices in London are explained, fixed and transparent.


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Rubbish Removal Prices London


Our rubbish removal prices in London are based on three primary factors: your location, the weight of the rubbish, and the duration of the loading process.

Below, we’ve detailed specific examples to help you grasp the pricing structure. We ensure transparency with fixed charges and no hidden fees, offering clear rates for different boroughs and item-specific disposal costs.

For further clarification or a detailed quote, please contact our customer service team.

Call Out Fee


This service includes a call-out charge when sending one of our waste disposal

Fixed Charges


Congestion Charge (Where Applicable)


Fluorescent Tube






Fridge or Freezer


American Style Fridge Freezer


Rubbish Removal Prices in London per kg costs

The prices quoted are in accordance with the listed councils commercial general waste disposal prices, as of 03/04/2024.


24.12p per kg
(£241.20 per 1000kg)


22.32p per kg
(£223.20 per 1000kg)

Greenwich & Lewisham

26.2p per kg
(£262 per 1000kg)

Bexley, Dartford & Croydon

31.8p per kg
(£318 Per 1000kg)

Additional Coverage Areas

(Maximum Coverage 20 Miles of DA15 & SE9 postcodes).

These prices are our fixed charges.

Other London Borough

35p per kg
(£350 per 1000kg)

Other Kent CountY

35p per kg
(£350 per 1000kg)

Fixed labour costs

Two-person labour

Up to 15 mins


Two-person labour

Up to 30 mins


Two-person labour

Up to 45 mins


Two-person labour

Up to 60 mins


Two-person labour

60+ mins

£1 per minute

It Is Our Mission To Help Eliminate Fly Tipped Rubbish From London And The UK!