Our Process

Check out Only Pay What It Weighs process and understand how we operate.


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Only Pay What It Weighs Process in 3 Simple Steps.

Our friendly team will help you to remove your waste in 3 simple steps…


1. Book Our Service Online

Book us online, our service has a fixed call out charge of £59.99, simply choose your preferred collection date, and choose either a morning or an afternoon appointment.


2. Rubbish Collection Day

On the day of your collection, we will contact you and provide at least 30 minutes notice before arriving in your chosen timeslot.


3. Recycle Your Rubbish

Once we have loaded, and weighed your waste, we will provide you with a receipt, work out your overall cost, including our fixed labour fees, and recycle your waste.

How It Works

 Only Pay What It Weighs Process: 

To arrange a collection book an appointment online.

Our service has a fixed call-out fee of £59.99 which is charged in addition to any cost of the actual load or items that are removed.

You will pay the same rates as we pay for general waste, at your local authority recycling centre, for the weight of your rubbish load, per kilogram.

We have fixed labour fees, and you will be charged as per the time duration of the job.

We have fixed charges for selected types of waste materials, such as mattresses and fridge-freezers.

Two of our professional operatives will arrive, on time, and carefully load your rubbish onto our onboard weighing waste disposal vehicle.

Before we load your rubbish, we will show you the vehicles first weight, and the time of the job being started.

Once your rubbish is fully loaded, the area is swept clean, and you are happy with our service, we will show you the vehicles second weight, and the time of the job being finished.

We will then provide you with a receipt which will show you the net weight of your rubbish, and how long the job has taken.

You will then pay for your weight accordingly, as per your local authority commercial waste disposal centre fees, plus our fixed labour fees, and nothing more!

Freddie adds, “What makes us extra special, is that our fees are fixed, and we are educating people about the best ways to dispose of their waste, and for every 100 loads we are paid to clear, we will add, pro bono, another full load of fly tipped waste, that we will pick up, dispose of, and document, for free! Making our local communities better places to live and our environment cleaner.

“Use us and see the difference we make.”

For Every 100 Loads Booked, We Will Remove And Responsibly Dispose of, One Full Van Load of Fly Tipped Waste!