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Pay What It Weighs, And Nothing More

Unlike most rubbish removal companies, we provide rubbish removal in Bromley and only charge based on what the rubbish weighs according to the government guidelines. No hidden costs or fees are included.

Pay What It Weighs, And Nothing More, Rubbish Removal in Bromley

The difference between what we do and how

What’s Included

With every removal we follow a structured process that will help you get your place cleared as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

  • Company assigned loaders for every job
  • State of the art weighing scales on each truck
  • Organised collection time 
  • Friendly service provided
  • Time frames provided and kept to

Rubbish Removal in Bromley Services

Loft Clearances

We can remove all the items you request from your loft, such as personal possessions, furniture, carpets, white household appliances, electrical equipment, and clutter, junk and rubbish.

Furniture Disposal

Getting rid of old furniture in the house is important but finding the right furniture removal company to do it is even more important.

House Clearances

From single bulky items to a full house clearance or general household rubbish removal, we are here to help. Our professional house clearance team will clear waste from inside or outside your property.

Shed Clearances

If your shed is looking a little sorry for itself and has seen better days so you’re getting a new one but don’t know what to do with the old one?

Garden Waste

Are you wanting to give your garden an overhaul? Some of the existing plants and trees may not be in the condition they once were or you feel they are no longer fitting for your garden.

Home Moving Clearances

While moving houses or furniture, safety is of the utmost importance! The company that you choose should be efficient, with good transportation to carry the goods professionally and in good order to ensure the safety of your belongings.

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