When our Managing Director, Freddie Jacobs, attended the Bromley BuzzUp networking event held at Westcombe Park rugby club (group picture: www.sheilaprestonphotos.co.uk) recently, it added even more confirmation that people are welcoming the simple clarity of the Only Pay What It Weighs pricing model and our intention to provide a good, and good value, service.

That was clear when Freddie chatted to people about the Only Pay What It Weighs approach, in between sampling food from the Shampan Group of restaurants, short talks including from then Mayor of Bromley Cllr Mike Botting, and Mayoress, Cllr Kim Botting, and Shaffiq Din from the Al-Emaan Centre (Keston Mosque) and Janet Lewis OBE, Founder of English Youth Ballet.

“It was good to meet such a range of people”, said Freddie afterwards, “You just don’t see a demonstrations of mime ballet or anything like it at networking meeting, at least I hadn’t until I went to this one.”

What is this transparent approach that is proving so popular?

We maintain complete transparency regarding the costs involved in the job.

With us, waste is cleared either by weight, or by price by item. With a booking for clearance by weight, once the rubbish is fully loaded, the area is tidied up to perfection, and you’re satisfied with the service, we’ll give you a receipt detailing the net weight of your rubbish and the duration of the job. Following that, you’ll settle the payment based on the weight of the waste in accordance with your local authority’s commercial waste disposal centre fees, along with our fixed labour charges, and no additional costs whatsoever!

Our approach is proving just as popular with the man and woman in the street as with people at networking meetings. Our customer base is growing quickly. Of course, this coincides beautifully with the arrival of summer, making our work even more of a pleasure.

We wish all our readers an enjoyable (and clean and tidy) summer. If you’d like some waste cleared, transparently and efficiently, please get in touch.

Only Pay What It Weighs, 28 May 2024.