We weigh waste. Much of our work is based on our clients having an amount of waste they want cleared, which we weigh, they pay for, and we take away for responsible disposal.

However, we would encourage people to have less waste to weigh in the first place. We understand that time and deadlines and inconvenience can get in the way of this, but there are ways to waste less. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Repair items so they can be used again. This week, Marks and Spencer announced a repair service for people to use who have bought its clothing and it gets torn or otherwise damaged. “With new insight from M&S* revealing only 10% of the population is confident enough to repair clothing themselves and 60% of consumers looking for retailers to offer more services which support them to lower their carbon footprint, M&S is partnering with clothing repair and alterations experts, SOJO.” Locally, places such as Orpington Repair Cafe (pictured) and Men In Sheds offer the opportunity for many household items to be fixed and put back into use rather than going to landfill.
  2. Take items to charity shops. We Charity shops welcome a very wide range of goods from furniture to working electrical and mechanical items, and frequently put up posters in windows showing the goods they most want.
  3. Give surplus food to Food Banks. Food Banks donation levels have suffered badly with the cost of living crisis, which has also made even more people dependent on them. As a result, they are using their precious income to buy top-up products to be able to give to people in need. So, if you have non-perishable food and other household shopping items that might be used, consider making a trip to your nearest foodbank collection point. There are many Food Banks run by various groups, one of the best known is the Trussell Trust.

If you take any of these options, you will keep the planet that bit greener, and help other people.

Meanwhile, our fight against fly tipping goes on. We frequently pick up fly-tipped rubbish from the streets and lanes and green spaces where we find it, committing to clear at least a full van load for free for every 100 orders we receive.

If you’d like some waste cleared, transparently and efficiently, please get in touch.

Only Pay What It Weighs, 30 June 2024.